February 2012

Lactation Aids for Supplementation

If the time comes that you need to supplement your breastfeeding baby with formula, you have multiple options.  The typical option is to introduce a bottle, which is very easy and can be helpful later, because you are able to allow other people to feed your baby.  Another option that is becoming popular is the lactation aid, which is an innovative way to supplement while your baby is nursing, which eliminates nipple confusion and helps maintain your milk supply.

What if They Have it Wrong with Pregnancy Diets?

So much of our food knowledge seems to be skewed by special interest groups these days.  It is difficult to know what to believe, and when you finally find something to follow, the rules change.  Just think about coffee.  It has been good, bad, good, bad and finally good again.  All those rules just make my head spin.  But what about when it comes to pregnancy?  Nutrition is never more important than when you are building a new life inside of you, so what if the standard guidelines are wrong?

The Heartburn-Hair Connection

All three of my babies were born with a full head of hair.  I can’t count how many times people have asked me about my heartburn – or lack thereof – during pregnancy.  There is an old wives’ tale that says the more heartburn you have during pregnancy, the more hair your baby will have when it is born.  I am here to set the record straight, at least according to my own experience.

Full Term Babies Premature?

My daughter was born via c-section at just over 38 weeks.  Even though that is considered to be full term by medical standards, it turns out that babies born between 37 and 40 weeks can still act premature.  With all of the concerns around getting her delivered, it never occurred to me that we would still have a battle to face after she was born.  After we had trouble getting her to gain weight, the lactation consultant I spoke with told me that there are some babies who, despite being considered full term, will be “content to starve” and not nurse properly.