January 2012

When You Have to Supplement

While breastfeeding is preferable (or as we talked about a couple of weeks ago, formula is less preferable, depending on your semantics), sometimes you will still need to supplement when breastfeeding your baby.  To a mother who is committed to breastfeeding, this can seem like such a failure.  I have been there, and I know the guilty feelings that can come when you are not able to exclusively breastfeed.

They've Got it Wrong - Breast is Not Best

It really is just a case of semantics, but it always bothers me when I hear the phrase, “breast is best,” as if breastfeeding has to defend its position as the natural, proper way to do things.  Formula was created not as a standard way to feed babies, but as a backup when things got in the way of nursing.  I don’t have a problem with formula feeding – my two oldest children started out being breastfed and transitioned to formula until they weaned – but I do have a problem with how widely accepted it has become.