November 2011

Holiday Shopping Tips for the Mommy to Be

Pregnancy is a time of joy for an expectant mother.  Pregnancy is also a time of swollen feet, back aches, and heartburn.  Holiday shopping is hard when someone is in good health, and extremely difficult when someone is suffering through the final months of pregnancy.  There are a few tips that a pregnant holiday shopper should keep in mind to help make the experience more tolerable.

Cloth or Disposable Diapers?

In our increasingly fragile environmental state, the decision on which diaper to use can have a dramatic impact on the environment, and your pocket book.  In a single year, Americans are estimated to use more than 27 billion diapers.  Imagine how that looks in landfills across the country.  For some, however, using cloth diapers is a real hassle and even impossible if your child is in a daycare that does not allow cloth diapers.

Hospital Tours: 2 Reasons to Schedule Early

During pregnancy the last thing on the mind of the average mommy to be is visiting the delivery hospital with their family in tow.  Baby showers, maternity clothes shopping, and decorating the new baby’s room is all more interesting things to focus on.  However, the hospital tour is your chance to meet some of the maternity ward staff, see the delivery rooms, and get a feel for the hospital as a whole.  Most importantly, a hospital tour can help the younger members of your family get comfortable with the idea of mommy visiting the hospital.  Scheduling an early visit will ensure that you and your family are able to complete a tour even if unexpected events at the hospital interfere with your plans.

Things I Wish I Had Enjoyed Before Having a Baby

I am due with my third child in about five weeks.  As I gear up for another round of sleepless nights and groggy days, I begin thinking of that blissfully ignorant time before I had kids.  Now, I wouldn't trade my kids for anything in the world, and I never knew what happiness was until I had them, but sometimes I wish for a bit of silence or some time with my husband, alone.  So if you are expecting for the first time, here are some things I wish I had appreciated more before I had kids.  Perhaps they will help you decide what to do before baby arrives.

Should You Bother Buying Maternity Clothes?

I remember my first pregnancy, how everything was new and exciting and to celebrate, I bought all the “things” I could think of.  That certainly included a wide selection of maternity clothes, and I eagerly awaited the time when I was actually big enough to wear them.  For me, that took until the fifth month, much to my disappointment.  Boy did I enjoy putting that first maternity outfit on, though.

Use Lansinoh Before You Have Your Baby

"Lansinoh is the single best way to prevent cracked, dry nipples"

The first few weeks of breastfeeding can be difficult to adapt to if your nipples have not had any preparation beforehand.  While breastfeeding is a wonderful experience most mothers wouldn’t trade for the world, the reality of cracked, painful nipples can really put a damper on any mother’s enthusiasm for nursing.

One of the most important things you can do both before delivery and during nursing is to liberally use Lansinoh, a pure lanolin product that is applied directly to your nipples.  There are many breastfeeding products out there, but Lansinoh is different because it does not have to be washed off before the baby nurses.  Not only does this make feeding easier, but constantly washing your already tender nipples will just cause them to become more dry, cracked and unpleasant.