September 2010

Governor Schwarzenegger: Shackle the Preggers!

Sure, it no secret that he’s a misogynist, and the fact that people continue to re-elect him makes my stomach churn (really, Californians—really?). But his latest veto on a measure that would offer a bit of humane treatment toward pregnant incarcerated women was even more obtuse than usual.

Even though the California Senate and State Assembly both unanimously supported AB 1900, a bill that would allow incarcerated women to remain unshackled during transportation, labor, and delivery, as well as recovery from childbirth, multiple times, The Governator has continuously declined to allow its passage.

Some Things I Learned About: Baby and Prenatal Care

As a first time soon to be mother and single at that, the health of the mother and the baby is of utmost importance. To those who are and were as clueless as I was and in need of some direction, here are some helpful things that I found out during my pregnancy.  Just to be on the safe side, consult a doctor or health practitioner before starting any medical regiment or accepting medical advice.

Size 5 Jeans, Say What?!

  I have a new body now, which I love and now have to redress.  For any complete wardrobe for most, one must have at least one pair of jeans. However, I’m not sure I can say the same for my wardrobe until recently. I mean, the right pair does make your behind and legs look fabulously sexy. And who doesn't love a nice pair of comfy, and make your-bottom-half-fabulous-looking jeans. So the right pair for me, well, depending on the maker, would be anywhere from a 1 to a 5.

"A size 5, say what?! You're kidding, right?" You’re probably thinking, is this girl for real? Complaining being a size 5, that’s still pretty skinny in this world. For someone like me though, it was a number unheard of, but it wasn’t always like that.

Blizzard Baby Boom

An unhappy event leading to blessed events.

That epic blizzard last February that struck the East Coast, paralyzing America's capitol city, did more than dump snow and ice on the town. And did more than cause people to have to spend more on their fuel bills, and to make mad dashes to the store to stock up on food and essentials. It did more than cause people to miss days at work, and to strain their backs shoveling snow and scraping ice. It brought some couples closer together -- rather close together. It gave everybody a lot of free time and some couples used that time productively? Reproductively.

As couples were reported saying to their doctor: We were too close. We were bored. We didn't have anything else to do.