July 2010

Pregnancy Care for the Summer Sun

Summer time is here and no matter how far along you are in your pregnancy, the heat can be miserable to live with. With the added weight and doubled up blood volume in your body, even a fair 60 degree day of weather can really take its toll on you and your expanding body. More importantly, the heat and sun can also be dangerous for a pregnant woman. During the summer time it is so important to take some extra precautions to be sure that you and baby are safe when the temperatures begin to sky rocket.

Stages of Labor

There are several stages of labor leading up to giving birth. Depending on what pregnancy you’re on will generally determine how long each stage will last for you but it also isn’t the rule. Every woman and pregnancy is different. For first time pregnancies, labor and delivery tends to last a good deal longer than for women who have already had at least one vaginal birth. With this in mind, new moms should really consider making a birthing plan to help them get through the long hours ahead of them.

Premature Labor and Warning Signs

Early signs of labor are a must know no matter what pregnancy number you are on. Knowing what to look for and understanding your body could save you on complications later with you and your baby. Going into labor too early could risk your baby’s life and health. As you move further into your pregnancy your doctor or midwife should discuss with you in more detail about the warning signs of early labor and when to go to the hospital. If you are not yet 37 weeks into your pregnancy, labor at this point would be considered premature.

Signs of Premature Labor:

Normal Cramping While Pregnant

During pregnancy, there are a lot of different feelings and sensations that are new. Some can be a little nerve-wracking and flat out scary like cramping. If you are in your first trimester, cramping can make you think and expect the worse. But don’t fret yet because there are some explanations behind the cramping and things you can do to help them lighten up or make them completely go away. As always, you should make sure to inform your doctor or midwife of the cramping to be on the safe side.

Braxton Hicks

They don’t call it “labor” for nothing because it is exactly that. Actually being in labor for most of the population, is extremely painful and a lot of work. During your pregnancy you experience a lot of different aches and pains and the closer you get towards the end of your pregnancy you may find yourself having some pretty uncomfortable contractions. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you are in or going into labor though. Your body is working hard and around the clock to prepare you for what is to come very soon.