October 2009

Water Births

Water birthing over the years has become more and more popular with women all over the world and especially in the United States. Although some hospitals are slow to catch up with the growing trend, it won’t be long before water births are a common place in all delivery wards. In the past many doctors were very much against having such a birth preformed as it was viewed dangerous for both the mother and newborn but studies over the years have disproved the dangers and have shown that water births have many benefits for both mother and child.

Unassisted Childbirth

A few weeks ago I came across a documentary called “Unassisted Childbirth (Freebirth)” on television about home birthing. The twist was that the women they were following were choosing to do their at home births without any prior prenatal care and without any medical assistance there or on stand-by. Fortunately all the women in the documentary were lucky enough to have had their babies without complication, but luck is the key word here.

Old Wives Tales

Old wives tales are always fun to hear. The more outlandish the tale is, the better the laugh. Over my last two pregnancies I have heard quite a few as I’m sure all of you have too. Those that are new to pregnancy beware and never take any of these old wives tales to heart no matter how superstitious you may be.

Inducing Labor at Home

During your last week or two of pregnancy the anticipation of baby coming really starts to run high. You've probably been told by your doctor or midwife to try to do things that will keep your mind off it. We all know that's easier said than done. Through online searches and wealth of advice from friends and family, you know that there are numerous techniques women have been using to help induce labor at home. So what does work and what just seems to be a waste of time?