August 2009

Save Money on Baby Supplies

Getting everything together for the arrival of your new baby can be lots of fun but also costly. There are several ways to help you get around this especially for those out there that weren't planning their pregnancy and are up against hard times financially as most out there are. From bassinets and cribs to diapers and changing tables there are ways to save if you don't mind gently used.

9 Months and No Sleep: There is Relief

Just like every pregnancy, each trimester is different. Those of us that have had the opportunity to be blessed with a full term pregnancy can all agree that the last trimester, particularly the last month, can be down right misery. Your hips hurt, your back hurts, completely sleep deprived, hemorrhoids and even the baby moving around has lost it's cuteness due to the fact that there just isn't any more room left for him or her in there. Getting through the last month can be the most trying of them all.

Choosing an OBGYN

While choosing the right doctor is always important, it is never more so essential than when you are pregnant. Whether this is your first time embarking on the brave new world of motherhood or whether you are on your third or fourth run through the delivery room, having a care provider that is right for you will be a very important part of the process that takes you through prenatal care all the way to the big day when you finally get to hold your tiny new bundle of joy.

Natural Ways to Combat Morning Sickness

You are excited, nervous, scared...and probably very sick. Congratulations, you're pregnant! One of the most difficult parts of early pregnancy for women is dealing with morning sickness which can range from mild nausea in the early mornings to a permanent residence at the nearest bathroom. But there are a few great tips and tricks for safe and natural ways to help you cope with the chaos that seems to be your stomach.

Stay Cool: This is particular important for women who are experiencing pregnancy in the summer or who get over heated easily, but when you begin to heat up it often tends to make the nausea worse for many women. Taking a cold cloth and rubbing it under your neck, that tiny spot just beneath your nose, and behind the ears is a simple trick to help settle your stomach.

The Farm Midwives

“To understand the roots of The Farm, you have to go back to about 1965. Drop City, the first full-blown prototype hip commune, was founded in May of that year. The Grateful Dead were moving into 710 Ashbury, establishing a hip outpost in the tony Panhandle district of San Francisco. Prankster-author Ken Kesey's acid tests began in November. The Diggers emerged as a social movement that winter. 1966 brought the Trips Festival and the Summer of Love. Janis Joplin hitch-hiked in from Texas. Lou Gottlieb opened his Morning Star ranch to all comers. On October 6, 1966, California outlawed LSD-25, but it didn't stop the first Human Be-In, paisleys and flower power, White Rabbit, or the Whole Earth Catalog.” -Albert Bates; in America's Communal Religions, Syracuse Univ. Press, 1995.