Staying Active During Pregnancy

Staying Active During Pregnancy

Anyone who raises animals knows that an overweight female has a much more difficult time in labor, but somehow, even those of us who raise animals fail to make that connection with ourselves.  Being sedentary lets muscles go slack and makes not only the process of carrying a baby difficult, but also that of delivery.

Staying active, even just a light 10-minute walk every day, can make a world of difference in how your pregnant body feels, whether you are overweight or not.  From simple things like a light backache to the agony of a pinched sciatic nerve, staying active can help loosen and strengthen muscles, relieve all kinds of aches, and keep you in a better mood too.

During my last pregnancy, I was plagued with hip pain almost the entire time.  The only thing that provided relief was a walk to the mailbox and back.  I could feel the tight muscles around my hips loosening up, providing relief and making the entire day less painful.

Staying active will keep labor muscles toned, too, which can help with everything from dilation to active pushing.  Since a lack of exercise is a risk factor for diabetes, it makes sense that gestational diabetes could be prevented or treated by regular, daily exercise.

Fortunately, even a slow walk through the aisles of Walmart can be enough to loosen your muscles and ease common pregnancy discomforts.  Just be sure not to overdo it, and take frequent breaks if you begin to feel tired.