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Doctor sets woman on fire during C-section

And for some reason, he doesn’t have to pay her anything…

During my emergency C-section, I went through a lot. My blood pressure was through the roof, thanks to preeclamsia, and my premature baby’s life was on the line. Afterward, when we both made it through, I even had two infections develop—which were also treated by my team. She, in turn, spent three months in the NICU. We had quite an ordeal between us.

However, none of the doctors who worked on saving our lives gave us third degree burns like Kira Reed’s doctor did.

And although her doctor caught her on fire during her delivery with an antiseptic and gave her the burns, a New York court ruled that he was not responsible. Right, because if someone catches you on fire, it’s totally not their fault! It’s your fault for being in the room with that person to begin with. Didn’t you know that already?

Take it from me, ladies. Don’t have anyone deliver your baby, ever, just in case they set you on fire. Because then it would be your fault, not yours. It’s better to just squat and let the baby come out on a trampoline. That way you won’t accidently expose yourself, or your child, to an obstetric arsonist on accident.