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They've Got it Wrong - Breast is Not Best

It really is just a case of semantics, but it always bothers me when I hear the phrase, “breast is best,” as if breastfeeding has to defend its position as the natural, proper way to do things.  Formula was created not as a standard way to feed babies, but as a backup when things got in the way of nursing.  I don’t have a problem with formula feeding – my two oldest children started out being breastfed and transitioned to formula until they weaned – but I do have a problem with how widely accepted it has become.

It isn’t that breastfeeding is better than formula feeding, but that formula feeding is worse than breastfeeding.  No matter how you look at it, the nutritional, emotional and intellectual benefits of breastfeeding cannot be disputed.  See what just happened?  Even I, someone who is very aware of the spin the media has put on breastfeeding, just fell into the same trap.  What I should have said is, the nutritional, emotional and intellectual disadvantages of formula cannot be disputed.

Our society treats breastfeeding as an abnormal parenting method, instead of the natural and proper way to feed babies.  Formula companies have put a lot of money into brainwashing us and convincing us that while “breast is best,” formula is just fine too.

So while formula may raise a kid up and provide them with enough nourishment to make it to weaning and beyond, it is not as good as breastfeeding, and if we looked at it from the reverse point of view, saying formula is worse instead of breast is best, we might have a different outlook on things altogether.