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Lactation Aids for Supplementation

If the time comes that you need to supplement your breastfeeding baby with formula, you have multiple options.  The typical option is to introduce a bottle, which is very easy and can be helpful later, because you are able to allow other people to feed your baby.  Another option that is becoming popular is the lactation aid, which is an innovative way to supplement while your baby is nursing, which eliminates nipple confusion and helps maintain your milk supply.

A lactation aid consists of a bottle to hold the milk, which is attached to a skinny tube that can be laid across the nipple and inserted in the baby’s mouth while he or she nurses.  Some mothers choose to tape the tube to their nipple to hold it in place, while others simply insert it and hold it still.  As baby nurses, it also draws milk from the lactation aid, getting the additional milk it needs while still maintaining the closeness and bonding experience of breastfeeding.

If you choose to try a lactation aid, be warned that some babies cannot stand that tube in their mouths.  I used a lactation aid briefly with one baby, and though I wanted to keep using it, my baby would arch her back and refuse to nurse anytime that tube got close to her mouth.

For babies who do not mind the tube, a lactation aid is a brilliant idea to help get babies the extra nutrition they need without sacrificing the benefits of breastfeeding.