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Sometimes You Don’t Get to Choose

I am a big fan of natural birth.  My first child was born in the hospital after three attempts at inducing, so with my second, I was adamant about having her at home with no medications or interventions.  That birth was much more relaxed and enjoyable.  For my third, I planned another home birth in the water, but this time around, things didn’t work out. 

After two unsuccessful attempts at induction, we had an emergency c-section last week.  I know we all have visions in our minds of how pregnancy and birth should work out.  Once in a while, things actually do go as planned, but for the most part I think it is important to remain flexible about how things go.

I am tempted to be upset that things didn’t go like I had envisioned.  Having a c-section is a big deal, and because of the condition I had that made early delivery necessary, I will have to have c-sections with any future pregnancies. 

What is important to remember is that the process is not nearly as important as the end result.  Sure, it is frustrating and very disappointing to have such a drastic change in plans, but sometimes those things are necessary.  Intervention can mean the difference between life and death, as it did in our case.  To get caught up in the disappointment seems like placing a higher priority on getting our way than getting our baby.

So if you are struggling with the disappointment of having a birth other than what you planned, try to keep in mind the bigger picture.  A healthy baby is worth all of that, and more, and the few hours or days surrounding a delivery will quickly fade from your mind, while the joy and love your baby brings will last a lifetime.