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Should You Bother Buying Maternity Clothes?

I remember my first pregnancy, how everything was new and exciting and to celebrate, I bought all the “things” I could think of.  That certainly included a wide selection of maternity clothes, and I eagerly awaited the time when I was actually big enough to wear them.  For me, that took until the fifth month, much to my disappointment.  Boy did I enjoy putting that first maternity outfit on, though.

In my second pregnancy, I was in maternity clothes by three months, and I was happy to have them.  I started noticing the minor details you overlook the first time around, like how the huge elastic waistband in most maternity pants will fold over, often times permanently.  Or how no matter what I did, the waistband would start creeping farther and farther down, so I spent most of the day hitching my pants up.

This time around, I bought a few shirts but have otherwise stayed with my original clothing.  It’s not that I couldn’t use them – I stick out like a sore thumb at eight months, but I cannot stand the thought of spending all that money on clothes I will only wear for a few months.  Many large retailers are completely phasing out their maternity departments.  Thanks to low-rise jeans and loose, flowing tops, there really isn’t a need to buy special clothes for maternity wear.

So if you are debating the wisdom of buying special maternity clothes, there usually is no need.  I wear only skirts these days, and most of them can be worn over an expanding belly.  If, however, you are delighted with the idea of celebrating your pregnancy by getting special clothes for a treat, you have my permission to go on a shopping spree.  Pregnancy can be so much fun!