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Things I Wish I Had Enjoyed Before Having a Baby

I am due with my third child in about five weeks.  As I gear up for another round of sleepless nights and groggy days, I begin thinking of that blissfully ignorant time before I had kids.  Now, I wouldn't trade my kids for anything in the world, and I never knew what happiness was until I had them, but sometimes I wish for a bit of silence or some time with my husband, alone.  So if you are expecting for the first time, here are some things I wish I had appreciated more before I had kids.  Perhaps they will help you decide what to do before baby arrives.

Dinner Out
Dinner with the kids is fun, but also very loud and chaotic.  I think my husband and I have eaten out without kids only a couple of times in the past four years.  We ate out a couple of months ago, and I couldn't believe how much I had missed being able to sit on the same side as him in the booth!

Going to the Bathroom... Alone
I know, this is almost too much information, but trust me when I say there will come a time when you wish you could just have two minutes to yourself to pee in peace.  These days, I get two kids and two dogs, all eager to make sure I do the job right, almost every single time I go to the bathroom.

Talking on the Phone
Sure, it can be done with kids, but the thrill is gone.  Kids have an internal radar, no matter where they are in the house or what they are doing, and they will suddenly bump it up a decibel or two any time I talk on the phone.  I would love to have a conversation without running from room to room in vain hope of finding a quiet corner.

Most of all, I miss the quiet time I had with my husband.  While our trials as parents have brought us closer than ever before, that cuddle time, or a quiet moment just to talk about our days, has become a thing of the past.  So take advantage of the time you have now, before you find your life filled with the crazy but satisfying world of parenting.