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Hospital Tours: 2 Reasons to Schedule Early

During pregnancy the last thing on the mind of the average mommy to be is visiting the delivery hospital with their family in tow.  Baby showers, maternity clothes shopping, and decorating the new baby’s room is all more interesting things to focus on.  However, the hospital tour is your chance to meet some of the maternity ward staff, see the delivery rooms, and get a feel for the hospital as a whole.  Most importantly, a hospital tour can help the younger members of your family get comfortable with the idea of mommy visiting the hospital.  Scheduling an early visit will ensure that you and your family are able to complete a tour even if unexpected events at the hospital interfere with your plans.

Prescheduled Tours

Lamaze course instructors and certain obstetricians schedule group hospital tours months in advance.  Hospitals already expecting a large group of future mothers are not always going to be able to accommodate your last minute visit.  Anyone who is planning to take a solo tour should remember that the date they are interested in might already be taken by a large group.

Hospital Emergencies

Patients are rushed into the maternity ward for emergency deliveries at unexpected moments.  When this happens, your hospital tour might be cut short.  A person who has scheduled their tour early simply has to pick a new date to complete their tour, but anyone who has waited until the last minute might not have an opportunity to visit again before their delivery date.

Visiting the hospital well before your delivery date will reduce the risk of your appointment being canceled, and your delivery occurring before you are able to reschedule.  Contact your local hospital once you have an estimated due date, and schedule a tour for your entire family.