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Holiday Shopping Tips for the Mommy to Be

Pregnancy is a time of joy for an expectant mother.  Pregnancy is also a time of swollen feet, back aches, and heartburn.  Holiday shopping is hard when someone is in good health, and extremely difficult when someone is suffering through the final months of pregnancy.  There are a few tips that a pregnant holiday shopper should keep in mind to help make the experience more tolerable.

Avoid Peak Hours

Shopping during off hours will reduce the amount of time you spend standing in line, and navigating your way through the store.  Complete most of your shopping immediately after the stores open (on weekdays) and late at night.  Remember, always park close to the entrance of the store and security lights.  Also, bring someone with you for security and help carrying the bags.

Stay off Your Feet

Walking and standing for long periods of time can make swelling and back problems worse.  When you are shopping try to use scooters provided by the retailer instead of pushing a cart.  It might be embarrassing, but your health is more important than what other shoppers might be thinking.

Shop from Home

Shopping early and staying off your feet are two good ways to make shopping more comfortable, but doing your shopping from home is the best option for anyone who is dealing with extreme pregnancy induced discomfort.  Order your families presents online early and take advantage of free shipping whenever possible.  Online shopping isn’t always as fun as going to the mall, but it is easier on your body and your baby.